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Heavy people suffering from swelling in their legs need to read this

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Amy Wingson, January 23 ‍
Lymphedema Doctor

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Does walking feel very heavy and painful in the legs?

Only in recent years, edema doctors came to the conclusion that swelling in the legs often leads to bigger problems for bigger and heavier people. It can lead bigger people to get extreme leg pain, weakness, and inability to walk leaving these people very tired with a look of exhaustion.

Most edema sufferers accept that this is something they need to live with and they can’t even imagine the life they had 20 years ago without these problems.

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But What Is The Worst That Can Happen?

Well, the longer these people wait to do something to their swelling legs, the more they suffer and lose their ability to live an exciting and happy life. The real problems come when edema sufferers lose their ability to be themselves meaning that they can’t feel the same kind of happiness they felt before.

The biggest reason they can’t walk as they used to is that their legs are feeling heavy like a block of bricks attached to their legs that are very painful with every step they take. 

Because they are already carrying more weight than normal people which makes them even more inactive and uninspired to move around.

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Heavier people are more likely to develop a number of potentially serious health problems, including Heart disease and strokes.

If heavier people with swelling in their legs want to be here longer and see their grandchildren grow up, they need to take this seriously.

So what’s the real impact of these issues?

1# Difficulty Sleeping 

Difficulty sleeping from leg pain often leads to weakness and extreme tiredness in the body meaning that normal activities feel much harder than they should, especially if walking is hard already because of swelling in the legs.

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2# Increased Obesity 

This often leads to even less activity and more risks of heart problems, more stress on the joints that lead to increased pain when trying to walk, and less desire to move around to do things that used to be fun like shopping or keeping up with daily chores.

Weight gain usually worsens leg pain and heaviness in the legs which makes it even harder to manage naturally.

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3# Anxiety & Depression

Chronic leg pain and heaviness in the legs from swelling can take a toll on everyone’s goals and ambitions which oftentimes lead to frustration, and hopelessness, and makes people less social.

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4# Probably the worst of them all, is loss of motivation in life

It’s extremely difficult to be the best version of yourself when small tasks like walking around the house feel unbearable when the only feeling that is present is pain and heaviness in the legs and the negative feelings that come with it.

Especially when it affects the people around you who you really love.

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So what is the solution for larger and heavier people suffering from swelling in the legs?

Well, there are painkillers that can lead to fast temporary pain relief. But this is only a temporary solution meaning that you’ll depend on them without mentioning the possible side effects that can be very harmful.

Then we have custom-made compression wraps or socks that can be an amazing option to combat the problems but with a $400+ and above price tag, only a few people can really afford them.

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So it seems like there’s not a single effective treatment for big swollen legs for people with edema or lymphedema that is effective, affordable, and fits comfortably, right?

Well, you’ll be happy to know that there’s one company called Beltwell that has it all and is specially made for big swollen legs. They took the task of developing a compression wrap for heavier people with leg pain and heaviness from swelling, edema, or lymphedema.

The wrap instantly ends the heaviness and pain in the legs which gives the legs more life and energy to walk further.

It works by improving circulation naturally and makes the legs feel warm and comfortable. 3 It improves blood flow in the knee and ankle joints meaning that there will be less stiffness and joint pain.

A person wearing a black knee brace with an inset illustration of red blood cells.

This makes it possible to walk more, do more shopping, keep up with daily tasks at home, and most importantly, play with your grandchildren so they can remember the best version of you when they get older.

Because you don’t want them to remember you as the person who did not spend enough time with them.

Unlike those ultra-expensive custom-made compression socks or calf wraps and regular compression socks, they are made especially for heavier people with big swollen legs who have a limited income.

The best part is that once you put the wrap on the leg, you’ll feel the results In seconds meaning that you don’t want to take them off.

Even your family and friends will see you as a new person once you feel the results.

Three images of legs wearing different knee braces, with various shoe types and one showcasing a foot tattoo.

People with swollen legs who are using the Beltwell compression wrap are feeling great again and some of them are even saying they are feeling like they did 20 years ago.

Unlike the other treatments that barely work, The Beltwell Compression Wrap has a 60-day money-back guarantee meaning that you'll get all of your money back if it doesn't work.

And you don't even need to send it back if it doesn't work. That's how confident they are in their calf wrap.

The Beltwell Brand has really exploded in popularity around the world with multiple sellouts and they are helping thousands of edema sufferers walk better.

So if they are still available, you should really try them now.

'Comparison of a leg before and after medical treatment showing healed skin and reduced swelling.'

You can try their products for 60 days risk-free and you have nothing to lose. If they don't fit or work, you will get all of your money back.

That's how confident they are in their products.

Here's What Beltwell Customers Are Saying On Social Media

Screenshot of a positive customer review on social media.Screenshot of a Facebook comment expressing satisfaction with a product for Lymphedema management.Screenshot of a Facebook comment expressing satisfaction with a product for Lymphedema management.Screenshot of a Facebook comment expressing satisfaction with a product for Lymphedema management.

Order it NOW and you will get each wrap for ONLY $34.99 USD!

Exclusive offer that will end soon!


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