Medical-Grade Lymphedema Products For Big People

but without the awful price tag

Affordable Lymphedema Compression Therapy

We at Beltwell knew for a long time how difficult it was for big people with lymphedema to find compression products that actually fit and are easy to put on. That's why we created our products that have the same benefits as expensive medical compression products but without the awful price tag.


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Why The Beltwell Calf Compression Wraps Are Superior To Other Wraps

Costs Almost 10x Less Than Wraps Recommended From Your Doctor

Never pay those awful prices when buying calf wraps again when you can get the same benefits for lymphedema with the Beltwell wraps.

5 Adjustable Straps For Even Compression

Adjust the amount of compression depending on the level of swelling in your legs and change the pressure whenever needed.

Much Easier To Put On Than Compression Socks

If you struggle with putting on regular compression socks that rarely fit, then you will love the easy of putting the Beltwell wraps on.

Designed Specifically For Big Legs With Lymphedema

Finally, compression wraps that are specifically made for very big legs that fit and work almost immediately. 

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